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Hartberg, Steiermark: 8230

Hartberg is located in Steiermark, Austria. Its zip code is 8230.

Region 2-Postcode

Which sub-regions are included in Hartberg? Here's the list of sub-regions in Hartberg.
Region 2 City Postcode (ZIP)
Hartberg Bad Waltersdorf 8271
Hartberg Bruck an der Lafnitz 8251
Hartberg Buch 8274
Hartberg Dechantskirchen 8241
Hartberg Ebersdorf 8273
Hartberg Friedberg 8240
Hartberg Grafendorf bei Hartberg 8232
Hartberg Hartberg 8230
Hartberg Kaindorf bei Hartberg 8224
Hartberg Lafnitz 8233
Hartberg Mönichwald 8252
Hartberg Neudau 8292
Hartberg Pinggau 8243
Hartberg Pöllau bei Hartberg 8225
Hartberg Rohrbach an der Lafnitz 8234
Hartberg Schäffern 8244
Hartberg Sebersdorf 8272
Hartberg St. Jakob 8255
Hartberg St. Johann bei Herberstein 8222
Hartberg St. Johann in der Haide 8295
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